Our Mission




The National Association of Students Against Gun Violence was formed in order to organize and focus the initiative of the millions of American students fighting to live in a nation free from gun violence. Our mission is to end gun violence in America. We intend to realize it by counterbalancing the force of the NRA so that legislation reflects the desires of those it represents, as well as working with our chapters nationwide to create safer and more sustainable communities. This task requires an entire generation of intelligent, focused voters utilizing their collective capabilities. This task requires you.

Members of our organization devote every moment of their involvement to making our vision a reality.  We're here to show the rest of the nation we’re capable of organizing, mobilizing, and committing to ending gun violence for good. We’re not getting out of the government's hair anytime soon; rather, in mere decades we will BE the government. We’re here to stay, and we’re fighting till we achieve all that is necessary for the reinstatement of a just democracy in this country. If we can’t get reform, we’re starting a revolution.